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Anam Cara clinics are a unique experience for people and horses.  We offer the opportunity to connect with a horse, on a deeper level that can transcend your usual interactions.  You and your horse will be given an adventure into yourself.  Baring your soul to another, and finding the divine within each other, which will lead to growth and evolution.  


No matter what horse discipline you are involved in, or even if you do not have a horse, this clinic can transform you.  It does this by allowing you the chance to know yourself better, and to share that part of you with a horse, for safe keeping.   


Much of the clinic will take place indoors with lecture and lots of interactive exercises.  The afternoon will be spent with horses.  You can bring your own horse or connect with one of our horses.  


The benefits of the Anam Cara with Horses clinic, extend beyond the clinic, and can be shared with other animal companions and loved ones.


Schedule for 2019

To be announced.

Clinics are held at Firehawk Ranch in Aubrey, Texas.


Cost is on a sliding scale of $50-$100.  


The more one person can afford to pay will help another person take the clinic for less.  


For reservations, contact Jeannette at:, or 972-345-2718


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