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Jeannette Wright

with Jade

Andalusian mare

Nieces, dogs and Olof

Mystic, during a clinic with Stephanie Millham.

Founder & developer of

Anam Cara with Horses

Jeannette's background is diverse, and on numerous occasions she has had the opportunity to reinvent herself.


As a child her obesessions were dogs and horses.  In college, she put them aside to focus on her education.  While working on her Masters degree in Environmental Economics, she taught Economic classes to students working on their Bachelors at Texas Tech University.  


After graduation she worked for the Texas Water Commision in the PR department and later as the Head Economist in the Pollution Prevention department.  During that time she co-wrote a book and taught classes on reducing hazardous waste in the state of Texas.


In 1993 she and husband, Dr. Lance Wright, moved to Concho, Arizona, where they lived in a tipi for three years.  A lifestyle full of adventures and solitude in the high desert.


When they moved back to Texas, Jeannette helped run Lance's Chiropractic office, as well as setting up his Flowtrition seminars and events.  During this time she wrote a book, Men Are Dogs: A Woman's Guide to Choosing Her Breed of Man, and was on the Today Show, Good Day Dallas, and other shows.  


Her life long dream of having a horse finally came true in 2005, when she adoped a PMU mare along with a good friend in Glen Rose, Texas.   A year later she and Lance bought a place in Aubrey, Texas where they learned many different approaches to horsemanship, from the "natural approach" of Parelli, to Classical Dressage with Stephanie Millham, to biomechanics with Jillian Kreinbring, and more.  She also performed at the Parelli Tour Stop with two other friends and their horses, as well as performing in the Equus Project chroeographed by JoAnna Mendl Shaw from Julliard.


Her passion is finding what works for humans and horses.  Whether it be proper nutrition, essential oils, a peaceful environment, body work, or something else, she strives to create a safe and loving space for all.  Especially for her beloved equine and canine companions!


She was lead to teach Anam Cara with Horses as a result of having two horses with injuries who needed time to heal.  This event gave her even more time to spend with her horses - just

'being" with them.  She has said, "It is not any one thing that has lead me to teach this seminar, it is many things.  And more than anything else it is that desire to learn more myself, and the more I explore, experiment, facilitate, and put myself out there, the closer I get to IT.  The big IT, of Anam Cara." 

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